Guam's first RENTAL YUKATA store is
now open.
Spend your time in Guam with a

colorful YUKATA?
The beautiful blue sky,

emerald green ocean,
white sand beaches,
YUKATA with tropical prints will add

brightness to Guam's scenery. 

YUKATA is casual summer KIMONO.
[GUAMLOVERS offers a set of YUKATA, obi,
and sandals at an affordable price. ] 

Rental PRICE

The 1st RENTAL YUKATA plan in Guam. 

(12 and older)
24-hour plan
Online Booking price$45
(12 and older)
24-hour plan
Yukata or Jinbei/Obi/Zori$30
Girls (4-11)Overnight/
24-hour plan
24-hour plan
Yukata or Jinbei/Obi/Zori$30
*No washing or cleaning is required after use. Please return it as it is.
We will clean the rental items.


Pick your favorite YUKATA for your day.

Option - Can be added to rental set -

Hair Styling Plan

Our experienced professional hairstylist will provide any hairstyle you wish for. 

Makeup Plan

You can request our professional artist to do your makeup. 

Hair and Makeup Set Plan

We also offer a plan which includes both hair and makeup done by a professional artist.

Photo plan

A professional photographer will accompany you to take pictures at your desired location and in your favorite situation. 

Additional options for YUKATA rental plans 

You can enjoy YUKATA fashion by combining hair accessories and obi ornaments.
We have a variety of tropical accessories to match your YUKATA. 

We also have handmade accessories by Sayo-Made who lives in Guam. 
Click here for Sayo's information. 

*Additional options such as accessories, basket bags, drawstrings, etc. are available without prior reservation. 

How to Rental

Online reservations available 24/7!
Once you have decided on a rental date and plan, please proceed to the application.

*Hair, makeup, and photo plans require advance reservations as well as rental plans. 

Please come to the store ON TIME. 
If you need a pick-up service, please request when you make a reservation. 

*Additional options other than hair and makeup, photo plan and transportation service are available at the rental store on the same day. 

Go to the beach, to the nightlife, to the restaurants, in your YUKATA and enjoy yourself!

*Luggage other than valuables may be keep for you. 

You can choose either a hotel front desk or the store as the return location.
Please make sure to check your all rental items.

GUAMLOVERS will help you
enjoy Guam!