About Rentals

The rental period is 24 hours.
Please come to the shop at before or on the reserved time. ( Location can be found here.)
There is an option to get dressed at the hotel as well. Please feel free to inquire.
You can also return your rental items at the hotel front desk. If you would like to request a pick-up service, hairstyling, makeup, options, please let us know when you make your reservation.
We do not accept exchanges.

Make a Reservation

・ Please make reservations from our website.
*YUKATA patterns can also be selected at the shop. If you would like to have your YUKATA dressed get dressed in YUKATA at the hotel, please select the pattern of your YUKATA in advance.
・Once your reservation request is completed, an "Reservation Confirmation E-mail" will be sent to your registered email-address, so please be sure to check it. Your

*In the unlikely event that you do not receive a "Reservation Confirmation Email" within 24 hours, please contact us at guamloversbyohasu@gmail.com.
・Reservations must be made by 5:00pm on the evening before the date of use. 

Fees and Payment Methods

・Payment will be made by credit card.
Credit card
or cash on-site (shop or hotel), also accepted.
・If you would like to add hair accessories or bags, you will need to pay for them on-site.
・If there is any damage to the items or delay in the return, additional fees will be charged. 

Basic plan
Rental DetailsPrice
Women (12 and older)Overnight/24-hour planYUKATA/Obi/Zori/DressingListed price $55
Promotion Plice $45
Men (12 and older)Overnight/24-hour planYUKATAorJINBEI/Obi/Zori$30
Girls (4-11)Overnight/24-hour planYUKATA/Obi/Zori$30
Boys(4-11)Overnight/24-hour planYUKATAorJINBEI/Obi/Zori$30
Day rental / 12-hour Plan(Sales are currently suspended.)YUKATA/Obi/Zori/Dressing
Accessories and bags rental

Rental items not included in the Basic Plan, such as hair accessories, obi ornaments, bags, etc., can be added on the day of your visit. You can choose from your favorite items in the rental store.
The rental fee is a flat rate of $10 per item (or a set in the case of hair accessories).

Photo Service Plan
Plan DetailsPrice
1 locationSelect one of the following locations.$230
*No pickup and drop off $200
2 locationSelect two of the following locations.$400
*No pickup and drop off $340
3 locationSelect three of the following locations.$580
*No pickup and drop off. $500
Location: Choose from Ypao, Tumon, Two Lover's Point, Plaza de España, or Hagatna Beach Sunset
Transportation: 2 to 5 persons per group.
Hair and Makeup Plan
Plan DetailsPrice
Hair setBy professional artists Hair Arrangement
(approx. 30 minutes)
Make-upBy professional artists Make-up
(approx. 30 minutes)
Hair & Make-upBy professional artists Hair Arrangement & Make-up
(approx. 1hour)
Hair accessories can be added on-site for $10 per set.

Return Policy

※ The time of return will be the time when you drop off your items at the front desk of the hotel or the shop

※ A late fee of $10 per person/a day will be charged for any rental items that pass the return deadline.If you fail to notify the shop of your late return, the late fee will increase to $50 per person. 

Please be sure to check the " Item Return Completion E-mail" for any compensation for stains or damages that cannot be removed by regular cleaning, or late fees for overdue items, which may change the final amount of your payment. 

About Cleaning

The cost of basic cleaning is included in the rental fee. However, if the stains cannot be removed even after special cleaning, or if there is damage to the rental item such as thread binding or holes, etc., an additional fee may be charged. Please see below for details. 

Please return the rental items to the store or hotel front desk after checking the items on the return checklist in the return bag specified by the shop. Rental items will be inspected and if any items are missing or need da repair, we will charge you ($5-$50/per item). Once the items are returned to the shop, an “Item Return Confirmation Email” will be sent out after an inspection.

Points to note for return

Caution 1

The basic cleaning fee is included in the productrental price, but please be aware that compensation or reimbursement may be charged additionally in case of any damages such as scratches or stains.

Caution 2

Please do not wash, bleach, or repair the garment by yourself.

Even if the item is stained or scratched, please return it as it is.

Caution 3

Cancellation Policy

Partial cancellation of an order or cancellation of the order itself is free of charge until noon one day before the date of use. After noon two days before the date of use, a cancellation fee will be charged.
For details on cancellation fees, please refer to the section on when additional fees may apply.
Partial cancellation of an item or the order itself cannot be changed by the customer. Please contact us using the "Contact Us" form for cancellation. 

Changes or Additions to Orders

The deadline for changes or additions to an order is noon one day before the date of use.
Customers are not allowed to change information related to their order, such as changing the rental date or changing or adding a time preference. Please submit your request by noon one day before the date of use via the "Contact Us" form.

Additional fees may apply

Please be sure to check the "Return Completion E-mail" which will be sent the week following the date of use for notification of any additional charges.

Cancellation Fee

No fees will be charged if the cancellation is made before noon one day prior however, 50% of the total price will be charged past noon. 100% will be charged if cancellation is made on the day of rental. 

Repair Charge
(in case of repair)

In case a rental item needs to be repaired, the customer will be charged a repair fee ($5-$50/item).

Late fee
(for overdue items)

A late fee of $10/per person/per day will be charged for any rental item that is past due. If you do not return the items before the designated time without any notice to the shop, an additional fee of $50 per person will be charged.

Refund policy for YUKATA patterns selected in advance reservations

Refundable cases 

If you receive an item that is different from what you ordered, we will refund the usage fee for that item (including shipping charges).
※If only one item out of multiple items or a set of items is applicable, only that one item will be refunded.

In case selected items cannot be delivered due to damages or late returns by the previous customer, our staff will suggest a similar product to the one ordered or the customer will be asked to re-select a product. Also, cancellation of the order itself is possible: there will be no fees.

When refunds cannot be handled

The colors of the products are different.
We have taken pictures to bring the colors closer to those of the dresses, but please allow for slight differences. Please note that there may be color differences depending on your computer monitor.

Please understand that we will not be able to provide refunds after the product is shipped, even if you do not use the product.